What's Hotter Than Summer Right Now?
Winter Texans burning up the internet and phone lines making reservations and plans for their winter stays. Just ask our client Mrs. M from Laguna Vista who placed her condo for rent in our new Winter Texan Rentals Directory and rented her unit within four days! The trend for Winter Texans to make their winter stay plans is coming earlier each year and the best place to make those plans are through the internet. MORE

La Belle The Ship That Changed History
One of the most significant exhibitions on European colonization in the United States will open next week at the Bullock Texas State History Museum. Beginning Oct. 25, 2014, one of French explorer Robert Cavelier, Sieur de La Salle's ships that sank along the Texas coast more than 300 years ago, is set to be reassembled in the museum's gallery and visitors will see a centuries-old international story of cultural conflict unfold.

Texas Wine Season Opens
Fall in Texas means cooler temps, a slower pace and mini vacations that are even funner than summer vacations. Most importantly it is grape harvest time in the Lone Star State! Which means wine trails, harvest parties, wine and food festivals and great texas music! Don't miss one of the best seasons of the year in Texas....WINE SEASON!

Texas Safety Stops
While we know you can't wait to get to your winter destination in Texas, we realize we have..well... a large state. With that in mind the Texas Department of Transportation has been building new and renovating some of the states rest stops. So take a breather and enjoy some of the most unique rest stops in the world!

Coastal Halloween Haunts
Halloween has become one of the major holidays in the United States over the last decade, Texas as always is no exception and does this holiday in a BIG way! And nowhere in the Lone Star can you find more haunts than along her coasts. The coast of Texas has a long history of hauntings and embraces it even more during the Halloween season. Check out some of the prime events and scary locales along the Texas coast to get your haunt on this Halloween.

Renaissance Fest Begins
Eight weeks of fun and mayhem…the 39th annual Texas Renaissance Festival is set to get underway the second weekend in Oct. With a theme for every weekend there’s fun to be had by everyone. This 55 acre 16th century village comes to life each weekend with, strolling performers, live jousts, battle reenactments, costume contests, food eating contests, a daily fireworks show, plus live music, magic, dancing,and just plain FUN. MORE

Message in a Bottle
Like a message in a bottle, more than 1,000 bright yellow drift cards have been released into the Gulf of Mexico to track ocean currents. Anybody who finds one is urged to follow the printed directions and contact the Texas A&M University officials in charge of the program. There could even be a small gift for some lucky finders.MORE

Spirits That Keep Watch
Be careful in your respectful vigilance that you make no effort to harm the hallowed Alamo Shrine, for here spirit heroes still stand guard. If you are looking for a ride on the wild side, the Alamo is an exceptional place where history reaches across the time barrier and fills the heart with exceptional emotion for the loss of so many heroes who have gone before. MORE

If Big Tree Could Talk
Just northeast of Rockport-Fulton, square in the middle of the Texas Gulf Coast near the community of Lamar, on a peninsula that stretches into the bay, there stands a 1,000-plus year old live oak they call BIG TREE. It's not a tall tree, but considering its girth, it is the largest and oldest oak tree in Texas, and a favorite place for visitors in the region. The history that unfolded under the shade of this great tree is abundant, sometimes violent and sometimes colorful. Can you imagine, if BIG TREE could talk... it might be saying something like this...And so much MORE

Great Fall Destinations - Part 1
As the summer season slowly changes to Fall in Texas, followed quickly by a new winter Texan travel season, many are preparing their travel iteniaries now in anticipation of a fruitful year. And, according to winter visitor travel trends in recent years, more and more travelers are planning on seeing more of Texas than just the inside of their favorite RV park.MORE

Magical Getaway -- Matagorda!
Exploring the Magical Matagorda Bay is a must for nature lovers visiting the Gulf Coast - anytime of the year - but late winter is the apex for great weather and excellent bird watching opportunities. The area was named one of the best birding areas in the nation by the National Audubon Society. MORE

Getting Fit For Travel
Being active is critical for staying healthy-so it's a good thing exercise-related aches and pains, sore muscles, and foot and leg cramps don't have to put a damper on the activities that people love. Thankfully, there are many safe and natural remedies to keep pain at bay. MORE

Ship Ghosts of Port Brownsville
It was a foggy, cool day at the Port of Brownsville, the kind of day that lends itself to strange stories, especially if you’re looking for one.  I was in search of a good ‘yarn at the shipyard’, a story that might grace these pages in honor of the Halloween season. As if on cue, the clear and slow ringing of a ship’s bell was carried  by the cool, damp breeze. MORE

Texas Roadside Fruit & Veggie Stands
Before you hit the road in search of produce there are a few roadside terms you should know. PYO - stands for pick your own, RS - roadside stand, FP - fresh picked on the farm sales. Some farms and roadside stands even have an honor system for payment.MORE

Chinati Hot Springs
It's not a place you're likely to find by accident. Even if you're looking for it, it's no easy task. But the healing waters of Chinati Hot Springs, the dry arid environment of the Chihuahuan Desert, and the blissful isolation of Deep West Texas combine to create a mythical appeal that continues to lure the adventurous . MORE

Lighthouses of Texas
Stoic, dependable, historic - the lighthouses of the Texas Gulf coast, like their counterparts in other parts of the world, are more than just reminders of man's great struggle with the sea. With varied shapes and sizes, their brilliant lamps kept watch upon the seas, the one great hope of mariners who were long upon the open water, guiding man and ship safely through channels and waterways to the safety of shore. MORE

Welcome to Paris
But what is that on the peak of the tower -- a cowboy hat? Darn tootin', because this Eiffel Tower is located in Paris, Texas, and while not as tall and majestic as its counterpart in France, at least Texans have found a good use for it. MORE

RV Across Texas
Just about every Texan knows the state parks of the Lone Star State are great places to commune with the natural wonders of Texas and to get lost beneath the big blue sky. Some of the parks are, of course, better than others to RVers, but it won't be a long search to find just the perfect place to set up camp and feel the comfort and economy of RVing the state park system of Texas. MORE

The Jesus Tree
Crystal City's Jesus Tree may be one of the best off-the-wall stories of the decade. Discover the hope the tree has brought this South Texsas community. It is out of the way, but worth a visit if you want to see this unusual work of Nature for yourself. MORE

Road Trip: Texas Flea Markets
What once were considered glorified garage sales have developed to a new level across America, and perhaps nowhere more so than in the Lone Star State. The SUPER flea market concept brings not only trash and treasure trinkets to a market setting, but often include unique hand crafted products and expensive imports! MORE

U-boats in the Gulf
Not every day has been a day in paradise along the Texas coast. Unknown to many, in the early days of U.S. involvement in World War II, German U-boats clouded Gulf waters MORE

Texas Wildflowers!
Lady Bird Johnson can correctly be called the Mother of Texas Wildflowers, with her sweeping campaigns to paint the state's enormous highway system with natural and colorful flowers that are native to the state. Years after those early efforts, Texas is indeed one of the most "flowered" states in the Union. MORE

Border Ghost Town
Once buried beneath the waters of South Texas' Falcon Lake, Mexico's colonial jewel, Guerrero Viejo, now a ghost town, glistens again in the warm Chihauhuan sun. But now only the skeletal remains of the once great city can be seen again. MORE

Coastal Romance
Corpus Christi is one of the most underrated cities in all of Texas. With a hint of metropolitan savoir-faire and full of Texas savvy, it's the perfect place to spend your honeymoon or to escape for a lover's retreat. Discover La Villa Casita in the historic district of the Sparkling City by the Bay and explore the attractions of the Coastal Bend of Texas. World birding, great restaurants, wonderful beaches and lots of culture. Discover Corpus Christi and discover the good life. MORE

Sexuality and Seniors
As Valentine's Day quickly approaches many seniors are thinking about what they sometimes strive to forget, namely that love, romance and sexual pleasure are intimately tied together and nearly impossible to separate. The truth is, age is not a barrier to good sexual relationship. The right types of food can help! Discover sex for seniors and improve your Valentine experience! MORE

South Texas Music Walk of Fame
Corpus Christi is a true music town, the heart of a musical region, a place that has produced some of America's most enduring music, artists and songwriters; a place where live music can be spontaneous and wonderful, a place where the very best are honored and immortalized in a local attraction known as the South Texas Music Hall of Fame. MORE

Hill Country Getaways
The Texas Hill Country is a perfect getaway destination for active travelers looking for a little outdoor fun. Discover ten great Hill Country adventures waiting to happen and enjoy the fall season! From clear running rivers to pristine Hill Country environment to historic sites and many state and regional parks, there's something for everyone in this getaway. Hit the road and discover the heart of Texas. MORE

The Haunted Yacht Club Hotel
It was the late 1920s and prohibition was in full swing. The new Yacht Club Hotel in Port Isabel had just opened, a high society, high roller facility that offered pleasures on the remote Texas frontier. Guests came from all over the country to enjoy freedom from social censorship and enjoyed the pursuits of the Texas tropics. But at least two of those early guests who checked in, never checked out, and from time to time you can still find them there. MORE

The Very Best Home Remedies
Home remedies. Just about everyone has one. That doesn't mean they all work - or any of them for that matter. But review our collection of home remedies we discovered while researching this article. We didn't try them, and don't recommend you do without further research. But we offer them up for your entertainment value. Have fun.  MORE

Mexico's River of Raptors
Imagine the rarity of being able to watch a pair of gilded hawks  or osprey soaring above a tropical waterfall, surrounded by pristine jungle, riding the thermal currents in grace and glory, circling first up then down, demonstrating their prowess and aerial agility and determined might. The thought conjures visions of the wild outdoors; one of peace and serenity watching one of nature's great raptors exercise their natural freedom and dominance of the skies. MORE

The Forgotten Towers of Port I.
You won't see them in the Port Isabel skyline today, but years ago two massive radio towers stretched to the sky, one of the first attempts of the U.S. military to establish offshore communication with naval ships and forces outside our borders. This is the story. MORE

Ghosts at the Brownsville Port
It was a foggy, cool day at the Port of Brownsville, the kind of day that lends itself to strange stories, especially if you're looking for one.  I was in search of a good 'yarn at the shipyard', a story that might grace these pages in honor of the Halloween season. As if on cue, the clear and slow ringing of a ship's bell was carried  by the cool, damp breeze. MORE

Lost Ghost Ship of South Padre
Much has been written about the 1554 Spanish "Plate Fleet", a four-ship flotilla of treasure laden ships that sailed from Veracruz harbor April 9 that year headed for Havana, Cuba, and eventually to Spain. Three of those ships wrecked just off the coast of South Padre Island. Two have been recovered. The third remains a mystery. MORE

Texas Aggie Honey
Just in time for the holidays, the perfect gift for that "Aggie" in your life...Aggie Honey! Sounds like an impending Aggie joke but it's for real, and of course not just for Aggies. At the forefront, of researching the environmental and biological factors that are pressuring honey bees across the planet, this Aggie team has made some progress....the nice part is the reward....HONEY...AGGIE HONEY! MORE


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