FALL 2015


History of the Poinsettia

We celebrate the Christmas holiday in many ways, including decorating our homes and gardens with the flower that has come to be known as the Christmas flower. But where it did it come from? And what is the story behind the flower?  MORE


Attraction in Matamoros

Brownsville's sister city, Matamoros - just across the Mexican border - is full of rich history and attractions for the adventurous. Museums, cathedrals, parks, a great golf course and other attractions await visitors who walk across the border.  MORE


Remember Pearl Harbor!

It was a Day of Infamy, and one every American will always remember.  Do it in style this year at Fredericksburg's Admiral Nimitz Center. Take a walk back through history with this feature that helps us to remember that day of infamy. MORE


Very FIRST Thanksgiving!

You might be surprised to discover the first Thanksgiving celebrated on American soil wasn't at Plymouth Rock, but in West Texas! Seriously! It happened between the Spanish explorers and Pueblo Indians living on the Rio Grande River.  MORE


Holiday Humor: Turkey Talk

It's that time a year again! The annual Thanksgiving feast is being planned, company is coming for the holiday and most of us are scrambling to finalize shopping chores and cooking for big day. Take a break, you need a good laugh.  MORE


Best BBQ Joints & Wurst

The German word for sausage is 'wurst', and Texas may well have the best. Also the best BBQ joints! But don't take our word for it. Check out our seasonal picks for the best and wurst Texas has to offer and get ready for some really good eats!  MORE


Safety First at the Border

Is it safe for winter visitors to cross the Texas-Mexico border? The answer is yes and no. But we have some sound advice for those enjoy shopping, and visiting Mexican border towns. On how to be safe and wise. Check out the details in this report. MORE


The Lighthouses of Texas

They are stoic, always on guard, and for many, remnants of mariner-days-gone-by. But lighthouses have always demanded the attention of travelers, old and new, and on the Texas Gulf Coast you'll find many of these great structures to enjoy.  MORE


Friendly Ghost of the USS Lex

He's a friendly ghost, or so most say, one that helps guide tours through the USS Lexington Museum in Corpus Christi. Some say he guards over his old ship, the carrier that refused to stay sunk. But no one seems frightened away. MORE


German Uboats in the Gulf!

In the early days of the 1940s, German uboats were dispatched to the Gulf of Mexico to disrupt shipping traffic as America resupplied its allies.  Read the story about the fear of coastal residents and the threat of the uboats just off the coast of Texas.  MORE


Don't Miss the Bird Fest!

It's going to be another great year for birding in the Lone Star State. The annual Rio Grande Valley Birding Festival is back and better than ever before with seminars and trips and nature destinations galore. Get ready to head to the valley.  MORE


Best of the Best Mexican Food

No can accuse us of not always being on the lookout for the best eats in Texas! When it comes to Mexican food, we're giving the nod to Mole! in Corpus Christi. Check out the cuisine of Central and Southern Mexico and don't forget to try the desserts!  MORE


Happy Thanksgiving Week...what better way to celebrate than to include Texas Pecan Pie into the menu. This 100 year old recipe is simple, yet one of the best we've ever had...the secret....TEXAS PECANS!

Check out this week's Texas Foodie.

North Pole Flyer Steam Train

Nov.  28 - Dec. 20

 Enjoy the fun of a steam train ride out of Cedar Park Texas, a community just outside  Austin.  This Christmas themed train ride occurs every weekend, passengers meet  Santa and the Mrs. and are entertained  with stories of the holiday.  MORE


Texas Travel and the Holiday Season Are Special Time

As every Winter Texan knows, traveling through Texas and the joy of the Holiday Season is a special time of year. Not only is it back on the road for most of you who pack up and head to the Lone Star State for your annual pilgrimage, but  time to observe and most wonderful time of year. Starting this week we're full of holiday cheer, and loads of stories for the season. Watch for updates about travel and the holidays in the days and weeks ahead. Enjoy!

VIDEO:  The Changing Colors of Texas in the Fall Season


Ice Show Gallery

While it's still 90-plus degrees in Texas in October we can dream of cooler days. Here's inspiration from an ICE show in Grapevine Texas, which returns this  holiday season again.

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Welcome back video!

We're off to a great start to the 2015 winter Texan season with a few visitors already arriving early. View our special welcome video and watch for more video updates coming soon!

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The Pecan tree is the Texas state tree and is the largest producer of native pecans in the nation.


Texas sales 3.7 million poinsettias every year.


The Collin Street Bakery has been making and shipping traditional Christmas fruit cake for 115 years.

Dia de Los Muertos

The 2015  (Day of the Dead) Celebration was held in downtown Corpus Christi, Texas,   Thousands attended the cross-cultural event making one of the best planned events of its kind in Texas.

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Nov. 28

Luckenbach Thanksgiving Day Dance

The infamous Luckenbach Texas, a must see stop on your visit to the lonestar state! 830-997-3224


Nov. 28 - Dec. 20

North Pole Flyer

Cedar Park

Enjoy the fun of a steam train ride out of Cedar Park Texas, a community just outside  Austin.  This Christmas themed train ride occurs every weekend, passengers meet  Santa and the Mrs. and are entertained  with stories of the holiday.


Nov. 28

Annual Bicycle Tour of Historic

Fort Clark, Brackettville, Tx.


Dec. 1 - March 30th

Civil War Ranger Walks

History buff s enjoy these history walks in the Rio Grande Valley.


Dec. 4 - 6

Dickens on the Strand

Galveston Historic District


Dec. 4 - 6

Corpus Christi First Weekend

On the first weekend of each month enjoy the Friday Art Walk, and the Harbor Bridge Walk and more.


Dec. 5

Carolers Afloat& lighted Boat Parade

Port Aransas

Attendees can board one of several decorated boats and participate in caroling while cruising the city harbor. Roberts Point Park Pavilion.


Dec. 5

Tropical Christmas Festival

Aransas Rockport-Fulton

Rockport Harbor and the Downtown Heritage District come to life with the activities, sights and sounds of christmas. cityofrockport.com


Dec. 5

Christmas on the Square

Weatherford Texas kicks off the holidays!


Dec. 12

Frontier Christmas

Fort Davis

A traditional Las Posadas processional and tree lighting ceremony with lighted christmas parade around memorial square. www.fortdavis.com 1-800-524-3015



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